Privacy Policy

Who We Are

Our website address is We operate under the banner of Nice Game Ltd., a Malta-based company with the registration number C82569.


We’re all about transparency and freedom – which is why we love BTC and crypto so much. So, we’re bound to tell you that this site uses cookies.

Not the delicious, edible kind (although we do eat them in the office, too). We’re talking about the kind of cookies that let our website know who you are to ensure things run smoothly for everyone – if you leave a comment or send us a message, for example.

Services We Use to (Anonymously) See User Data

While you read our website, it’s nice for us to know the ways in which you use it. Then, we can see what works well and what you find useful, as well as what could use some improvement. It helps make the site better for us all!

For this reason, we use the following services to access our visitors’ user data:

  • Google Analytics
  • Google Search Console

But don’t worry – we don’t see any names, addresses, emails, or other personal details.