What is Tether?

Edward Miller December 13, 2022

The cryptocurrency Tether launched in 2015 as the first of its kind in a new category of crypto – “stablecoins.”

The value of a Tether is linked to the USD, so it’s like a blockchain digital version of a traditional fiat currency. This means the value doesn’t fluctuate like with other cryptocurrencies. So, it’s less of an investment and more of a practical tool for fast and anonymous online transactions.

There’s also a company behind Tether that owns its blockchain, making it less decentralized. Some might view this as more secure, while others disagree. It’s your call!

How to buy Tether

The easiest way to buy Tether is to visit a cryptocurrency exchange or broker. This is an online platform where you can buy, sell, exchange, and store cryptocurrencies.

You can nearly always find Tether at exchanges because it’s one of the bigger cryptos by market cap. You can buy your Tether with fiat currencies using a card or e-wallet. From there, you can store your crypto in the exchange’s wallet or set up an independent wallet and send your new Tether to casinos with ease.

Whichever storage wallet you select, you’ll be able to easily transfer your coins from there to any crypto casino of your choice.

A few casinos out there offer crypto purchases on their sites, but they are rare. Sites that offer that and Tether are even rarer, but they do exist. Have a scan through our reviews to find out which casinos fit the bill on this if you’re interested in the most efficient Tether casino experience.

Regular casinos vs. Tether casinos

Playing at an online casino with Tether is a great middle-ground between a crypto casino experience and a regular online casino. You don’t need to keep track of the changes in the value of your deposits over time, but you still get super-fast transactions that Tether offers as a cryptocurrency.

You also don’t need to think about exchange rates or values, as 1 Tether is worth 1 USD. Simple!

On top of that, Tether keeps the crypto anonymity. The vast majority of Tether casinos do not ask you for any documents or info beyond an email address and a password for your account.

How to play at a Tether casino

It’s easier than you might think to play with Tether and other cryptocurrencies at online casinos. Once you have your Tether in a wallet, simply input the casino’s address into your wallet’s “send” function and enter the amount you want to deposit.

Once the transaction is complete on Tether’s blockchain, you’re all set. This usually takes a minute or less!

Withdrawals work in the same way, except you paste your wallet’s address into the casino’s withdrawal page.

Once you’ve deposited at one of our recommended sites, you’ll be able to play top casino games from around the world and access crazy crypto-exclusive bonuses and much more!

Check out our Tether casinos page and click through to the reviews from the top list to view a detailed overview of what each of our favorite sites can offer – including all the best and worst bits of each casino’s operation.

Find out which Tether casino is for you today!

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