What is Ethereum?

Edward Miller December 13, 2022

Ethereum is the second most popular and valuable cryptocurrency after Bitcoin. It launched in 2015, aiming to pioneer the idea of “smart contracts” and decentralized apps.

If you choose a crypto casino that makes full use of the technology behind Ethereum, you’ll find some amazing and revolutionary experiences. For example, games that instantly transfer bets and winnings between your account and the casino in real-time!

Even if your chosen casino doesn’t experiment with what Ethereum can do, it’s still a useful crypto in its regular applications. Players using Ethereum at online casinos can remain anonymous while taking advantage of the fastest transfer times in the cryptocurrency world – sometimes as little as 15 seconds!

How to buy Ethereum

There are a few crypto casinos that let you buy Ethereum directly through their sites. Check our reviews to find out which ones exactly! This is the easiest and most efficient way to start playing, especially if you’re new to the crypto scene.

However, buying Ethereum elsewhere to use at your favorite casino is not as hard as you might think. Major exchanges like Binance, Coinbase, or Gate.io make buying into the crypto world super easy. 

You can use standard cards and fiat currencies (aka normal money) to buy crypto coins, and it’s all signposted out for you. You can store your coins in the exchange’s inbuilt wallet for the easiest option. Or, you get your own independent wallet, which is both anonymous and the most secure.

Either way, simply paste your wallet’s address and the amount you want to send, and you’re golden. The process is the same for withdrawals.

The difference between a regular casino and an Ethereum casino

Playing at online casinos with Ethereum offers you super-fast and anonymous transactions. Unlike at traditional online casinos in some markets, you won’t be asked for your old next-door neighbor’s sister’s tax bill to prove who you are. In fact, most Ethereum casinos will simply ask for an email address and a password, and away you go.

Transactions are incredibly fast, with no processing and very rarely any fees. If a casino does charge a fee, we’ll always point it out in our review!

Some casinos also offer Ethereum-exclusive games based on the blockchain and even smart contracts for instant real-time transactions. Exciting stuff!

Check our reviews to see the few rare casinos that do offer this emerging technology right now.

How to play at an Ethereum casino

Other than a few exclusive blockchain-based titles, the games at an Ethereum casino are basically the same as your regular online casinos. At our recommended casinos, you’ll find top game developers from the usual online casino world, with popular titles you’ll recognize.

All withdrawals and deposits are made in cryptos, which means they’re super fast and completely anonymous. Once you’ve withdrawn any winnings to your wallet, you can sit on them as a potential investment or cash them out into fiat currency. Your choice!

For a list of certified safe and reputable casinos fully analyzed for all their good and bad points, see our top lists and the associated reviews. From there, it’s up to you to choose your new favorite Ethereum casino and start playing!

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