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Edward Miller December 13, 2022

If you’re looking to start playing Bitcoin slots, you’ve come to the right place! There are loads of choices available when it comes to online slots using this popular cryptocurrency, so we’ve assembled this guide to help you select the very best options for you!

At least one of our top-rated Bitcoin casinos features a perfect slots collection for your needs. Simply read this guide and browse our reviews to find out which casinos’ Bitcoin slots selections fit your preferences!

But what exactly makes playing Bitcoin slots different from your usual fiat currency online casino experience? You can look forward to bigger bonuses and exclusive games, plus all the other benefits of cryptocurrencies like fast, decentralized, and anonymous transfers.

Read on for our expert insight into the fast-paced and exciting world of Bitcoin casino slots gaming!

Which slots can you play with Bitcoin?

Today, players at cryptocurrency casinos enjoy access to almost all the same games and developers as regular online casino goers. Half a decade ago, you might not have found the same – and this reputation persists.

But let us tell you now – you’ll find crypto casinos on our list with all of the world’s most popular and well-known slots on their books. You can also expect loads of exclusive Bitcoin slots. These are sometimes created by developers and featured at multiple casinos, and other times, they’re made exclusively for one casino – and some casinos even make their own exclusive Bitcoin games in-house!

When you see all that, it’s not hard to think Bitcoin casinos might give you even more slots choices than regular online casinos!

Traditional slot machines

The OGs of the slot world, traditional slots are exactly the style most people think of when they hear “slot machines.” Fruit symbols. Bars. Hot 7s. You know the deal!

These slots appeal to newcomers because they’re super simple and easy to understand. You won’t find your BTC disappearing with hundreds of lines flashing across a dozen reels and no idea why you’re not winning.

You also won’t find crazy animated bonus rounds or unique mechanics in most of these games, but that’s not the point! If you’re an old-school player at heart, even with the Bitcoin in your wallet, these might be the slots for you.

Modern video slots

Modern video slots have progressed way beyond three reels with bells and lemons. There’s as much variety in slots as there is in table games nowadays, with dozens of popular formats using almost every theme imaginable.

Popular music, movie, and TV show-themed slots? Check. Classy history and mythological games with real historical characters? Check. Games themed around risky topics like prisons, erotica, and illegal activities? You bet!

In addition to all that diversity, you’ll find some incredible graphics and loads of unique mechanics in modern video slots.

Cascading reels, free spin rounds, pick ‘em bonus rounds, expanding Wilds, locking Wilds, and MegaWays games are just a few examples of the cool things modern developers can do with Bitcoin slots.

Progressive jackpot slots

Progressive jackpot slots are firm fan favorites across the world. After all, who wouldn’t want the chance to win a multimillion prize off the smallest spin? Casinos would be silly to do without at least a few of these massive titles on their books.

They work by adding a percentage of each bet on the game to the jackpot total until it is won, then it resets. Some games, like Microgaming’s Mega Moolah jackpot, can see the prizes go into tens of millions!

Bitcoin casinos usually offer the option to only view the jackpot games in their collection. They also tend to display the jackpot size over the preview image for the game so you can choose the biggest one.

Choose the Bitcoin slots that suit you

Slots are the most popular online casino game today. That’s partly because they’re super simple to play but also because they’re so versatile. The base slot format can be used in so so many ways – the developer’s imagination is the limit!

Whatever kind of play you like, from slower old-school atmosphere to fast-paced and explosive, there is a Bitcoin casino slot collection that offers titles for you.

Here are a few key aspects that make up the differences between different types of slots:

Number of reels and special features

The core idea behind slots is spinning reels, which then stop, and you get prizes for a winning combination of symbols. Games started out with three, and you can still find three-reel titles. However, today, four, five, or even six reels are the most common.

You’ll also find mad variations on the standard format, such as MegaWays games with thousands of ways to win and random extra reels on every spin.

Other slots add even more features off the reels, including progress meters and different choices to make before the bonus round. Pick ‘em bonuses, wheels of fortune, free spins with multipliers, and expanding Wild symbols – you’ll find them all at Bitcoin casino sites.

Various levels of action

Some slots carry smaller betting ranges, while others impose massive limits. This is especially the case at crypto sites and even more so on exclusive Bitcoin games. Crypto casinos licensed in Curacao also typically let you buy into bonus rounds and activate automated spins – something that is banned by many local regulators.

This lets you choose how fast and intense the game is because you can play at your own pace. Some games feature long and serene spinning animations, so if you like taking your time, be sure to look out for those!

Exclusive Licenced Themes

Slots are so big all around the world today that pop culture icons like musicians, celebrities, and TV and movie producers all want in. For example, you’ll find Bitcoin casino games themed around the popular cooking TV series Hell’s Kitchen, the legendary heavy metal band Motorhead, the classic film series Jurassic Park, and way more!

There’s a whole world of super-quality video slots out there in today’s market. Many of them use official voice lines and music from the source material. Plus, they tend to go all out on the graphics and bonuses because of their big budgets. Well worth looking out for!


We already talked about fancy progressive jackpots. However, you’ll also find loads of their older cousin – the traditional jackpot – on Bitcoin casino slots.

These tend not to be quite as large as their progressive counterparts, and there are no trackers to suggest when they might be ready to drop. But they definitely exist, and they’ll make someone a winner eventually. Why not you?

Bitcoin bonuses and VIP programs

Bitcoin casino bonuses are often (but not always) bigger and better than your average online casino offers. That’s because the Curacao Gaming Control Board, the regulator that licenses most crypto casinos, has taken a light touch when it comes to bonuses.

So, the limits you’ll find at casinos licensed in some local markets don’t apply here! This means huge bonuses that sometimes run across your first few deposits and not just the first.

On top of that, Bitcoin casino welcome offers are usually valid for use on all the slots in their collection rather than being limited to certain titles. Of course, you should still make sure to check the terms on each offer before you jump in!

In addition to welcome offers, you can get other bonuses, including:

  • Free spins
  • Cashback
  • Tournaments
  • No deposit bonuses

Lastly, many crypto casinos run loyalty and VIP programs for regular players. Loyalty programs offer rewards to all players that keep coming back to the casino. Meanwhile, VIP programs are typically exclusive to high-stakes players who meet a specific deposit threshold.

Both can offer you free spins, cash bonuses, and other exclusive offers, including real-life prizes like cars and holidays at the top levels.

Playing Bitcoin slots on your mobile

Bitcoin casinos tend to boast excellent mobile sites. That’s because crypto enthusiasts are always ahead of the latest technology trends, so why would their website be outdated?

Cryptocurrencies also only really launched a decade ago, and mobile casino gaming was already a thing then. So, these Bitcoin casinos had no excuse for not featuring a good mobile website set-up from day one!

You’ll find most sites offer all the same features and Bitcoin slots on mobile as they do on desktop. Plus, no download is required – almost every BTC casino works in your mobile browser. Easy!

Advantages of Bitcoin slots

Just a few unique benefits of playing Bitcoin slots over regular slot games include:

  • You can confirm for yourself that the slots are fair
  • You can play anonymously
  • You can withdraw your winnings instantly
  • There are slots that can only be played with Bitcoins
  • Play anonymously

At most locally licensed casinos, like those in the UK or the US, players need to confirm their identity – usually before a withdrawal. This means things like bank statements, passports or driving licenses, and tax bills. It can all be a bit of a hassle!

Meanwhile, Bitcoin casinos ask you for no more than an email address and to create a password. Then boom, you can start depositing, playing, and withdrawing in minutes. Aside from the convenience, many Bitcoin players also enjoy the anonymity and privacy this provides.

Provably Fair: Confirm that you are playing on fair slots

You might have seen this term thrown about by Bitcoin casinos. Provably Fair games are Bitcoin slot games that are set up via the blockchain. So, you, the casino, and anyone else interested can see a public record of the game’s transactions.

This also means there can be no glitches or disputed transactions, as everyone can see the public record of these fair games, and each bet comes with a unique ID.

This is not to say that regular slots aren’t fair. These slots are just a bit more transparent with their data! Not all Bitcoin slots come with this feature yet, but it’s becoming more popular every day.

Withdraw your winnings instantly

If you’ve hit a big winner at a normal online casino site slot game before, you know it can take quite a while for your withdrawal to process, especially on high-value transactions.

There’s none of that at Bitcoin casinos. You only have to wait for your transaction to be confirmed on the Bitcoin blockchain, and you’re done.

Funnily enough, although it is the most well-known and widely used, Bitcoin is actually one of the slowest cryptos by transfer speed. Sometimes, it takes up to 10 minutes for a transaction to confirm.

However, that’s still way faster than the 48-hour processing (and then your bank’s processing time to boot) at a traditional online casino!

Play unique Bitcoin slots

You’ll find more and more unique Bitcoin games debuting every year. From Provably Fair titles by major developers to unique blockchain-based slots developed in-house, you’ll enjoy loads of variety in this growing space.

Making games provably fair on the blockchain has opened the doors for more developers, as they don’t need the expensive anti-cheating software that many online slots do.

Some casinos and developers have even suggested these developments have led to better return-to-player percentages on games. Although you never know where technology might take us, we won’t be convinced of that until we see evidence!


When you play Bitcoin slots, you can expect all the features, fun, and excitement of regular slots, plus all the added benefits of playing with the world’s most popular cryptocurrency!

You’ll get fast and anonymous transactions, top developers and exclusive games, provably fair blockchain-based casino games titles, and high-level security. What more could you want from an online casino?


Is it safe to play slots with Bitcoin?

Absolutely. The blockchain technology on which Bitcoin is based is very secure. It’s also anonymous, as you don’t need to give your information or data away to any third parties. Some games use the blockchain to make themselves “provably fair,” too, which is an interesting innovation!

Can I play Bitcoin slots on mobile?

100% yes! Bitcoin casino developers are always on the ball with modern technology, and they’ve nearly all featured excellent mobile websites from the day they launched. You’ll find all the same Bitcoin slots, betting, and table games as you would on your computer!

Can you use free spins on Bitcoin slots?

Yes. When you claim free spins at a Bitcoin casino, you can almost always use them to play slots. However, there may be some restrictions, so check our reviews for the terms or read them yourself.

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